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What does Remote Learning Look Like?

Typical Day, Expectation, and Requirements


As you have most likely discovered, school for our Remote-Learners is vastly different than the spring.  A couple of the major changes include:

  1. Attendance is mandatory

  2. Participation in virtual meetings and viewing videos is required

  3. Students must complete assignments

  4. Grades on assignments and tests count toward the final grade

  5. Students are expected to complete tests and assessments


To help ensure your child is a successful remote learner, he or she must be prepared.  Students need space for learning.  This space should include a surface to write on and all of the student’s materials within reach.  The learning space should be one where a child can focus with no distractions.  Students should also be dressed, fed, and ready to approach the day by 8 a.m. just like attending school in person. Another part of being prepared is to ensure the Chromebook is fully charged.


One of the first activities a remote learner must do is to log on the computer or Chromebook and go to the DC Bulldogs website at www.dcbulldogs.com.   Once on the site, the students should do the following:

  1. Find the teacher or teachers website

  2. Complete the attendance questionnaire to be counted as “present”

  3. Review the agenda for the day

  4. Go to the virtual classroom (SeeSaw for grades K-2 or Google Classroom for grades 3-8)

  5. Follow directions and complete assignments for each subject as assigned

  6. In the afternoon, make a connection with your teacher.  You can do this by attending a virtual meeting with your teacher(s), email your teacher and ask questions, call the school and talk with your teacher, or (if you have an appointment) come to the school and meet with your teacher in person.


Students must visit each teacher’s SeeSaw or Google Classroom every single school day.  Completing work and turning assignments in on time is each student’s responsibility.  Students are required to attend virtual meetings that the teacher schedules.  Teachers are willing and able to help your child be successful in understanding classroom content and completing assignments.  Children may email their teacher(s) with questions. Remember, the teacher is working with in-person learners until 1 p.m. daily. Teachers try to check email throughout the day and will reply as soon as he or she is able.  Please be patient.  Students may make appointments to come into the school and meet with teachers in-person.  Our teachers enjoy helping students.  However, students must let teachers know when they have questions and if they need help. 


Attendance at school is mandatory for all school-age students in the State of Illinois.  It’s the law.  If your child is too sick to participate in school, a parent must phone the office to report your child is absent due to illness.  Students who are absent from school, either in-person or remote, without a valid cause will be considered unexcused.  Unexcused absences will be reported to the Hancock County Truancy Officer.


If the internet at your home is not working properly, please phone the school and let us know.  A few things you can try at home to solve technology problems include

  • Set up a time to call the teacher for help

  • Search the internet for more information or a solution to the issue

  • Ask a friend, classmate, or knowledgeable family member

 If you or your child cannot solve a technology problem, call us.  We may be able to help figure out a solution.  The school’s phone number is 217-852-3201.


As always if you find remote learning to be too challenging and would like for your child to attend in-person, please contact me, Mrs. Tucker.  I am willing to work with you, your child, and your child’s teachers to make a smooth transition.  


Please stay in touch with the teachers and school office staff.  We are here to help you and your child any way we can.