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Administrative Office Staff

Superintendent                     Dr. Ryan Olson                                   852-3204

Principal                                Mrs. Alissa Tucker                              852-3201

Elementary Secretary           Mrs. Sheila Sly                                    ext. 1001

District Secretary                  Mrs. Dawn Enzeroth                           ext. 1007

District Bookkeeper              Mrs. Connie Tutwiler                           ext. 1005

Lunch Clerk/Library Aide      Mrs. Andrea Wibbell                           ext. 1002

Activity Director                    Mrs. Amanda Wiegers Samson          ext. 1038



Certified Staff

Teacher Name                                 Assignment                                 Extension

Mrs. Brenda Counts                         PreKindergarten                               1010

Mrs. Mary Norvell                             Kindergarten                                    1013

Mrs. Crystal Adams                          First Grade                                       1012

Mr. Kory Schwarz                             Second Grade                                  1019

Mrs. Amy Ryner                               Third Grade                                       1020

Mrs. Rebecca Walker                       Fourth Grade                                    1021

Mrs. Rebecca Moran                        Fifth Grade                                       1022

Mrs. Alicia Harrell                             Reading Recovery/RTI                     1016

Mr. Randy Larson                             JH Math and RTI                              1029

Mrs. Leslie Fisher                            RTI Reading and Math                      1018

Mrs. Mona Stevens                          JH Reading and Language Arts       1034

Mrs.  Raylene Gunning                    Physical Education and Health         1043

Mrs.  Laura Finch                             JH Social Studies & Science            1033

Mrs. Narrezia Burdette                    JH Special Education                        1035

Mrs. Cassandra Shoemaker           Elementary Special Education           1023

Mrs. Jan Hoyt-Brown                       JH Special Education                        1036

Ms. Carrie Scheetz                          Art/Technology                                   1009

Mrs. Amanda Wiegers-Samson      Instrumental/Vocal Music & A.D.        1038

Ms. Gina Lanning                            School Social Worker                         1015

Mrs. Mary Ann Siegworth               Speech & Language Pathologist         1017


Support Staff

Name                                                  Position                                           

Mrs. Tena Krow                                   Head Cook                                                

Mrs. Julie Coleman                             Cook                                                     

Mrs. Deanna Mixell                             Kitchen Assistant                                   

Mrs. Kristin Norman                            PreK Paraprofessional    

Mrs. Kathleen Ireland                         Kindergarten Paraprofessional                   

Ms. Debra Mehaffy                             Resource Paraprofessional                   

Mr. Randy May                                   Resource Paraprofessional                   

Mrs. Julie Nudd                                  Resource Paraprofessional                   

Mrs. Angie Henderson                       Paraprofessional                                    

Mrs. Julie Little                                   Resource Paraprofessional                    

Mr. John Shoemate                            Maintenance/Custodian                              

Ms. Lila Gittings                                  Bus Driver                                        

Mrs. Ellen May                                    Bus Driver

Mrs. Doris Lionberger                         Substitute Bus Driver

Mr. Karl Schaefer                                Substitute Bus Driver

Mr. Eric Heath                                     Substitute Bus Driver

Mr. Larry Walker                                 Special Route Driver